Ankit Love


Ankit Love studied design at CSM, and experimental fine art at CalArts. He was president of ACS International Cobham school.

Love raced as a pro-race car driver, in the British Formula 4 championships, for Silverstone principal Mark Armstrong Motorsport team. He brought the techno-progressive ideology to popular attention, when he was the youngest person ever, to be nominated for Mayor of London. He was the CMO & CFO of Nightset app, during its seed and founding stages.

He was the youngest person, and the first person from Europe, to be acknowledged as candidate for Prime Minister of India. Love’s analysis on governance and technology, have been quoted and referenced by academics globally, including Ahmedabad dean Patrick French, Cambridge professor Edward Anderson, Harvard fellow Vivek Wadhwa and scientists at NASA.

Love’s sci-fi music video ”Beethoven Burst”, was a No.1 hit on MTV USA. He is the creator of Dinosaurpost app.

Love on London Live TV, as Mayor of London candidate, raises awareness of the legal climate surrounding the air pollution issue.

Love on London Live TV, as Prime Minister of India candidate, with vision to send the first woman to Mars by 2027.